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Are you ready to for change?

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90 day reset

Join These People  Who Have Transformed  Their Lives

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3 x 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions with nutrition, exercise and life coach

Full Support & Accountability

Food diary Analysis

Recipe Book

Protein Powder for Nutritious Shakes

Probiotics to Improve Gut Health

Greens to Assist Alkalinity

Water Bottle & Shaker

Includes 20-40 % discount on supplements as a preferred client.

NOW £499.00

90 Day Nutrition, Mindset & Lifestyle Reset

Are you ready to 'make the shift'? Are you ready

to embrace change and step into your true self?

A total health & life transformation awaits you, to

help you create ultimate health and happiness and

unlock your limitless potential.


Your mind is the biggest vehicle of change you have. We will be coaching you through daily changes that will impact your life and positivity.

3 x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions with  Life & Mindset Coach

Week 1 - Gratitude & Journaling

Week 2 - Meditation

Week 3 - Law of Attraction

Week 4 - Defining Your Purpose


3 x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions with  Life & Mindset Coach

Week 1 - Exercise Prescription​

Week 2 - Sleep & Stress

Week 3 - Long Term Habits

Week 4 - Your Transformation


Health Bug Lifestyle Manual

Full Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Join These People  Who Have Transformed  Their Lives

We receive so many inspiring transformation pictures and testimonials. Seeing the amazing impact the plan has on peoples lives is the reason we created the The Health Bug 30 Day Plan!

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"The Health Bug literally saved my life."

“The truth is I had put on a lot of weight. I liked parties, functions, sports and social occasions and I loved food, especially going out for an Indian. I also like a pint of beer and a glass of wine, but I’d taken it too far. One day I was told I had developed a lung condition called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Like everyone else I had absolutely no idea what this was. I had never heard of it. The doctors told me the only ‘cure’ for my condition was a lung transplant. Furthermore, they wouldn’t put me on the transplant list until I lost four stone, and they wouldn’t operate until I’d shed five stone! Basically, I had to lose weight to save my life. So weighing in at 19stone 6lbs, I signed up to The Health Bug. I quickly learnt that this was not a diet, but a lifestyle course. We went through what were good foods and bad foods, but, just as importantly, we discussed sleep, exercise, mood, behaviours and habits. With the support of the team the weight continued to come off and 5 months later I was on the transplant list. It’s ironic that on the day I weighed my self at 14 stone 6lb, exactly five stone lighter, I got the call that there was a lung waiting for me. I had the transplant the next day."


"It's the only thing that has ever helped me long term."

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"After having 4 children, I had completely lost control of my health and gained a lot of weight. I tried all the weight loss clubs and diets going, but couldn't lose weight consistently. It was hard to believe I could transform my body so much in just 30 days. I have learnt a lot during the 1st 30 days I decided to do it again to help me even more. The plan educated me on what to eat and when to eat it. My downfall has always been portion sizes but I have learnt what I need to fuel my body correctly. My aim was to fit back into a size 12-14 from a 16-18, which I've accomplished and feel amazing. My health has improved so much, I cannot recommend this plan enough. The food is delicious. If anyone is considering it... You should do it. If you commit to it you cannot fail. Also the support from the team is amazing. "

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Natasha Gant

"This is not a traditional, low calorie, restriction diet. It’s an education in weight loss, nutrition balancing and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  You eats lots of tasty food, use supplements to help detox the body & spend less time exercising. This is for people who are ready to change. If you have got to that point where enough is enough, we would love to help you. This is your time to change."

Natasha Gant, Founder

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