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30 Day Transformation

This 30 day plan is the simplest and fastest way to lose weight, boost vitality and support your immunity. The key to long term success is to make step by step changes to your eating habits and lifestyle patterns.


"I am amazed and delighted at the change in my body, I lost 7 pounds in the first 7 days! One of the best things about this programme is how easy it was to follow. The support really is a huge help and ensured I stayed on track during the 4 weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing my body to continue to change and reaching my target!"


"After a 10 day holiday, I came back feeling and looking bloated from all the alcohol and food I had eaten. Looking in the mirror I realised I had to make a change in my lifestyle choices. After finishing the plan I can't recommend it enough. I used to suffer a lot with heartburn and would always have rennies in my bag, but on the whole 4 week plan I didn't need any! The support helped me stick to the plan without feeling I was craving lots of sweet treats. They really helped with my digestion too! I didn't even exercise on my 6 weeks! So I can't wait to see my results after adding exercise into my programme."


"I loved the food and support in this programme. Everything tasted amazing and I didn't crave anything sweet to keep my energy up.  I have tried a few 'diets' like many of you out there but I have been looking for something with a lot more coaching and accountability and very importantly, something that was sustainable long term. The plan has been beneficial for me in so many ways so far. Not only am I feeling more body confident after losing 14 pounds in 4 weeks, my skin has also improved a lot. It really is a complete lifestyle change! Here's to the next 4 weeks!"


"I am overwhelmed by my results from this programme! I'm fitting into the clothes that haven't left my wardrobe in so long! Without a doubt this is the most enjoyable and easiest programme I have ever done. It has made such a difference to how I look in my clothes and I feel fantastic. I will be sticking to the programme until I reach my goal weight!"


"The Health Bug is a lifestyle, nutrition & mindset transformation. It’s an education in weight loss, nutrition balancing and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We can help you radically transform your life. Mindset, self belief and worth are our biggest keys to long term change.

"This is for people who are ready to change. If you have got to that point where enough is enough, we would love to help you. T
his is your time to change."

Natasha Gant, Founder

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