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Keeping Your Gut Healthy with Pre-Biotics & Pro-Biotics!

Studies show that around 10-20% of the UK population suffer from IBS and people are experiencing some sort of digestive trouble, more than ever before.

Many have heard of the benefits of supporting the friendly bacteria in their gut by taking a good pro-biotic supplement. However not everyone know the wonders of taking a good pre-biotic too! So we are going to explore them both and how they could help you.


There are a lot of them inside you right now—think trillions! Probiotics are tiny, living organisms, like some bacteria and yeast that reside inside our gut. Not all bacteria are probiotics, though. Some are harmful and can cause serious damage to our immune system, but there are also beneficial bacteria and these play a huge part in our over all health. They support digestion, immunity & improve our own healing. ​

However these good bacteria can be depleted by the use of anti biotics and poor nutritional and lifestyle choices. Both of which are major reasons why we need to use a good supplement to ensure our friendly bacteria are always thriving more than the bad guys!


• Contains friendly bacteria Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to promote a healthy gut and a good digestive system • Contains Chamomile which is a source of antioxidants • Contains protease, lipase, amylase, and other enzymes break down foods to promote digestion • Contains Peppermint extract helps support healthy digestion

PRE-BIOTICS In order to thrive, probiotics need a sufficient and consistent food supply. This is where prebiotics come into play. Prebiotics act as a food source for probiotics. Think of them as a sort of fertiliser for the good bacteria to grow strong.

By increasing your fiber from all sources and you'll get more prebiotics in your diet. But it can be a battle, because most foods contain only trace levels. This is is why using a high quality supplement is such a good idea.

Arbonne Essentials makes this easy with their product Greens Balance.

GREENS BALANCE BENEFITS One serving of Greens Balance is a blend of 37 fruits and vegetables — giving you a whole rainbow in each glass. That leaves 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, or additional servings of Greens Balance, to enjoy throughout the day from other food sources.

■ Prebiotic fibre helps to support a healthy digestive system

■ Created from key blends that offer targeted nutritional benefits otherwise only found by eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables across the colour spectrum: Greens, such as spirulina, kale, artichoke, broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, barley grass, and wheat grass, contain chlorophyll to support gastrointestinal health, along with vitamins A, K and E. Reds, such as pomegranate, cherry, red coffee bean, tomato, and more, provide antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols to support better overall health. Yellows, such as pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, papaya, and mango, contain vitamins A and C, along with antioxidant bioflavonoids and alpha and beta carotene. Blues, such as blueberry, blackcurrant, purple sweet potato, and elderberry, are sources of antioxidants, resveratrol and vitamin C.

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